Drakes renewable energy

The London Fruit & Wool Exchange

The London Fruit & Wool Exchange - Drakes Renewables
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  • Site Name: London Fruit & Wool Exchange
  • Main Contractor: Sir Robert McAlpine
  • System Size: 105kWp
  • Mounting System: Van der Valk South Facing
  • System Yield: 95,000kWh per annum
  • CO2 saving: 47 tonnes per annum
  • Complimentary technology: Solar Thermal

The London Fruit and Wool Exchange is one of the largest developments in London. The scheme includes office, retail, restaurant, café, SME and community spaces.

Drakes were commissioned to design and install a 105kW solar system to achieve BREEAM credits and comply with the London Plan. An optimised system allows better efficiencies, module level monitoring and fire alarm system integration.